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Introduction - About The Homebuyers Grind

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Learn the ins and outs of the home mortgage process in a simple to understand yet extremely detail-oriented format. This podcast is for the homebuyer, homeowner, real estate agent, or anybody looking to learn the truth behind what happens in the mortgage process from start to finish and beyond.

Hosted by Brady William Bell, the mortgage loan officer based out of Idaho that helps 100’s of people through the mortgage process for purchases and refinances each year. Tune into The Homebuyers Grind podcast as we assist and teach first time home buyers, seasoned homebuyers, homeowners, real estate investors, real estate agents, mortgage loan processors, or anybody looking for help for the mortgage process.

Topics we will discuss:

Learn everything from A-Z of the mortgage process including the underwriting process and what happens when your loan is being underwritten, what is an appraisal and why you need to order an appraisal, how appraisals differ from home inspections, why you must close at a title or escrow company, what role the title/escrow company plays, what happens when you are closing.

Learn what the mortgage disclosures are: what is and how to read a loan estimate? What is and how to read closing disclosure? What is an anti-steering disclosure? Learn what you are signing and why it is required.

What is included in a mortgage payment and how to reduce your mortgage payment without refinancing. What is homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, hazard insurance, and why is it required? What is a homeowner’s association? What are property taxes? What is a PITI or PITIA payment?

How to get pre-qualified and how to get pre-approved and what the difference is.

What is credit and how to use it to your advantage during the mortgage process? Learn why a credit score can be different when getting a mortgage, a car, or checking it on soft check credit services.

Learn about first-time homebuyer programs and credits available.

How to buy a house with or without a down payment.

How to buy a second home or how to vacation property.

How to build a house with no down payment. How to get a land loan to build a house. How to get a construction loan?

How to buy an investment property and how to house-hack.

What is mortgage insurance, what is upfront mortgage insurance, what is the VA funding fee? Everything about UFMIP, PMI, MI, MMI, Funding Fees.

How to remove mortgage insurance or how to lower mortgage insurance.

We will discuss the different home purchase and refinance programs and how to smartly pick which is right for you.

How to buy a house with an FHA loan, learn the advantages of FHA.

How to buy a home with a conventional loan and learn why it's smart to use conventional versus other loans.

Learn about Veteran VA home mortgage options and why veterans should take advantage of them.

What is a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan IRRRL? What costs are included in a VA IRRRL and is it worth getting a VA IRRRL?

Learn about United States Department of Agriculture USDA Rural Development RD loans and how to find a home that works for a USDA RD loan.

What is down payment assistance? What are forgivable loans? What is the minimum down payment to get a house?

What are Non-QM mortgages and why getting a NON-QM mortgage could be smart for you?

What are discount points and what are origination points? What is the difference between discount and origination points? What is included in closing costs? What is an APR?

Is it smarter to buy a home or rent a home?

How to pick a real estate agent (Realtor) and what to expect.

What is a cash-out refinance and what is the difference between a cash-out refinance and a rate and term refinance? We will teach you how to weigh your options on your own so you can decide if it is smart for you.

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Brady William Bell
Mortgage Loan Officer
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